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Ever since April 24, 1895, when Joshua Slocum cast off the lines from a pier in Boston Massachusetts and headed out to sea in the SPRAY, the thrills and adventure of ocean crossing in a small sailing vessel has fired the imagination of many a sailor! This is a serious occupation and the dangers of ocean crossing in a small vessel are a real challenge requiring bluewater yacht insurance.

Bluewater Cruisers Yacht Insurance Placing the proper insurance on your vessel requires an agent that not only specializes in yacht insurance, but in navigation worldwide, with a knowledge of weather and storm patterns and proper crew and survey requirements.

Our company, Bluewater Yacht Insurance from W.R. Hodgens Marine Insurance located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida provides insurance only from major A rated companies. All our companies are approved to write insurance coverage in all U.S. States and provide worldwide coverage. We do not use B rated or non-rated offshore companies that are sometimes offered to world cruisers.

Depending on the navigation you need, we can advise several Yacht Insurance Quotes that will offer lower premium rates depending on the location of the insured boat in hurricane season, so you can lower your premium rate.

Our companies offer worldwide navigation including trans Atlantic and Pacific. We will be happy to secure several quotes for you.

Bluewater Worldwide Yacht Insurance In addition to the online information you can provide in our quote request section, please Email Us an annual navigation itinerary and information on any paid crew that may be aboard, as paid crew are excluded from the general protection and indemnity /liability section of a yacht insurance policy.

We can provide comprehensive quotes that will cover all your insurance needs for a cruising yacht.

We offer excellent coverage on multihulls as well as mono hull vessels…in fiberglass, steel, aluminum or composite hull materials, including sloops, ketches, yawls, schooners or long distance excursion or trawler vessels.

Please look through the website and Contact Us with any questions you have.

Bluewater Cruisers yacht Insurance

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